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Who we are

Marv has been making decoys since 1947. He and his brother were dissatisfied with the decoys available in stores so they began making their own working decoys. When collector decoys became popular, Marv enjoyed making them and entered the decoy swimming competitions at shows for many years. His interest returned to working decoys and lead to the creation of resin decoys. In 2006 his daughter Cheryl who also loves spearing and decoys joined him in working at their goal of making quality working decoys. We have lived all our lives in Northern Minnesota and share a passion for the outdoors particularly for fishing and spearing. 


 Lake Superior Decoys are made with two objectives: to make a durable decoy and to make it with excellent swimming action. We have done both and the result is a decoy that swims almost effortlessly and is a real joy to use.

They are cast in a urethane resin material from the original hand - carved wooden decoy, hand painted and coated with a durable finish. We think you will enjoy using them

The Benefits of

Lake Superior Decoys

We make our decoys out of a urethane resin resulting in a very durable product, giving it a long life that unlike wood will never be jeopardized by water. Our fins are machined from aluminum. A heavy long shanked eye hook is used for a hookup. 

Swimming Action

  Swimming Action

You will enjoy the smooth gliding action of Lake Superior spearing decoys. A light pull on the line is all this decoy needs to begin a pleasant three foot circle through the water. The gracefully curved resin body, glossy enamel finish, dimensional eyes, thick aluminum fins and chromatic scale pattern make this decoy appear to "come alive" as it swims through the water. The high contrast colors and vivid flashing of the colored prismatic scale finish make this decoy visible from a farther distance than other decoys. Each one is hand tested and hangs level in the water. With over sixty years of decoy making experience, we take pride in the good swimming action of our decoy and we hope that you will enjoy using this one for many years. 

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